RAINBOWS (5-7)  Rainbows is exciting, messy, friendly and a lot of fun!

Rainbows comes at a crucial time for children. The group is all about learning by doing, developing self-confidence and building friendships through exciting, messy and friendly fun. We help young Rainbows throughout Buckinghamshire advance key skills and work together whilst being kind, compassionate and considerate. Rainbows involves challenges and badges but never at the sacrifice of having fun. Activities include singing, dancing and playing games, and lots of crafts.


Rainbows follow a diverse and engaging 4 part programme called the Rainbow Jigsaw (Look, Learn, Laugh, Love):

  • Rainbows Look– Helps the girls to embrace the world around them
  • Rainbows Learn– Educate the girls through activities
  • Rainbows Laugh– Teaches the girls games, songs and how to enjoy parties and celebrations
  • Rainbows Love– Gives Rainbows a better understanding of love and helping others, promoting in particular the understanding of the Promise.

The next stage of the adventure

Once a Rainbow reaches seven, she is introduced to Brownies.

Discover Brownies here

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