Annual Subscriptions

Some of the girls in our unit haven’t engaged with guiding since March 2020. Can we put them onto the waiting list so they can rejoin when we’re allowed to meet face-to-face?


No. Our Annual Subscriptions policy is very clear that members should not be removed from GO to avoid paying the annual subscription. This also includes placing girls on the waiting list. We know 2020  was a difficult year and for various reasons units or girls were unable to engage. The annual subscription payment covers Girlguiding membership and even if girls haven’t engaged they are still a member. We know some units are going to struggle to pay their invoice this year. If your unit is in financial difficulty please speak to your commissioner to see whether there’s help available.–information-for-commissioners/


Karen Johnson and Sheila Beales


Girlguiding Buckinghamshire County Commissioners (Joint)




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