Residential events are exciting.

Residential events are fun and some of the most memorable experiences girls and young women have with guiding.  The offer opportunities adventure and also for learning and developuing skills like teamwork, leadership and independent living.  Leaders get to know their girls better in a relaxed environment.

The Going Away With Scheme is a flexible, modular training qualification.  Candidates need only complete the modules required for their responsibilities at an event.  For more information on the scheme see the guidance on this website and on the Girlguiding website.  To start working on the scheme apply here.

Risk Assessments will be needed for each event, travel to/from the event and activities during the event.  They help you look at an event from all angles and imagine ‘what if’ scenarios.  They are working documents that are updated throughout the planning process.  See the link below for some example risk assessments that can be used as the basis for your documents.

Girlguiding gives you lots of helpful advice and supports you through gaining qualifications and taking the girls away

Find information from the girlguiding website here

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