Join our Team of Inspirational Leaders

Through volunteering with us, you help create amazing opportunities throughout Buckinghamshire. It’s the volunteers which provide the foundation for such a unique and open-hearted charity. We welcome volunteers of all backgrounds, ages, cultures, faiths and abilities.


Our team of inspiring leaders provide occasional support, or simply share a skill or passion with girls in a local unit – all while benefiting from the adventure and opportunities guiding has to offer.


Your help would be welcome across groups of your choice:

  • Rainbows aged 5 to 7
  • Brownies aged 7 to 10
  • Guides aged 10 to 14
  • Rangers aged 14 to 18

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The next stage of the adventure

For adults who want to do Guiding activities there is the Trefoil Guild.

Discover Guiding for Adults here

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